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The Mole featured at the BookFair in Helsinki

11th Book Fair took place in the Helsinki Fairgounds last days in October 2011. This year´s fair programme involved 300 events and about a thousand of writers, artists, translators and groups were presented. The attention, particularly among the youngest readers, drew the Mole (Myyrä), a fairy-tale VIP, who celebrates the 55th anniversary. Embassy of the Czech Republic supported the publishing of the book.

The publishing house Tammi, a part of the Nordic printing concern Bonnier, publishes yearly approximately 600 new titles and 400 re-editions. On the occassion of the Mole´s birthday, Tammi got out the book The Mole for Chidren translated from Czech by Kirsti Siraste, the „exclusive“ translator of Czech fairy stories into Finnish. Ms Siraste was the prominent guest of Tammi at the Fair and told the kids how she was searching proper words in order to express at best the original text by Hana Doskočilová. The Mole is in Ms Siraste´s opinion a positive character throughout.   

Before the chat with the kids , Mr Bažant, Deputy Ambasador, had read a passage from the book The Mole for children.

Afterwards, Tammi organized a party at the stand. The mole paid a „personal“ visit there. The import company provided both the „live“ mole and small souveniers. For Christmas, the publishing house intends to come out with the Mole calendar.