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Exhibition of Czech photographer Jiří Heller

On 4 June 2014 a photography exhibition by Jiří Heller was opened at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Helsinki. One set of photographs is from the collection “Quadrals” and the other one from the collection “Lennon Wall in Prague”. The exhibition will be open till the end of August 2014.

Quadrals – photographic production based on classic photos which are mirrored four times creating thus abstract images. When enlarged they offer many different new shapes. At the present time the author has around 1200 pictures and he is getting more of them when travelling across the Czech Republic and abroad, during the day and night. Subsets of the pictures are then called eg. Natural quadrals, Winter quadrals, Night quadrals etc.

Lennon Wall in Prague (Painted Prague) - photographs taken between 1988 and 1992. The collection consisting of more than 500 photos can be considered as a documentary of the past. Through paintings people were expressing the issues of human happiness, truth, love. The political power was afraid of these expressions before the revolution in 1989 and therefore the wall was re-painted regularly. Even today, almost 25 years after the change of the political regime, the Lennon Wall is full of his portraits, citations from his songs or other messages.

Jiří Heller, born in 1957, graduated from electronic computers in Czech Technical University in Prague. He was having his camera constantly on him during high school and university years, taking pictures of people and events in his life. From initial pictures of his family, friends and school happenings, the area of photographical interest kept going wider. Since 1994 photography has been his full time commitment. Heller´s pictures are sought-after decorations of homes and workplaces and popular exhibitions items. His works are being published in newspapers, magazines, books and calendars and used as postcards. Heller´s current favorite target are his dogs and a didgeridoo, Aboriginal music instrument he started playing at the age of 50.


Výstava J. Hellera