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Summer School of Slavonic Studies 2014 (SSSS)

The Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (the Ministry) offers four scholarships to Finnish applicants at the courses of Summer School of Slavonic Studies 2014 (SSSS).

Following three Faculties of Arts (Philosophical Faculties) of the Czech Universities offers scholarship to Finnish applicants:

SSSS Prague (1 scholarship): 25 July - 22 August 2013 - Charles University, Prague
SSSS Brno (2 scholarships): 19 July - 16 August 2013 - Masaryk University, Brno
SSSS Olomouc (1 scholarship): 19 July - 16 August 2013 - Palacky University, Olomouc

Finnish Universities or other competent and responsible bodies will nominate their candidates for the scholarships. Their applications will be sent to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Helsinki no later than 15 March 2014. The Embassy will then forward the applications to the Ministry – the chosen applicants will be duly informed. The scholarship covers course fee, meals, accommodation, tuition and access to cultural events held as part of the SSSS.

The Ministry recommends the participants to have travel insurance for the period of the SSSS. For more information see

The courses are designed for foreign students, experts (teachers, translators, interpreters) and academics in the field of Bohemistic and Slavonic studies. Due to the broad coverage they are also open for all individuals who are interested in Czech language, literature, history and culture. As part of its educational sections the SSSS offers Czech language courses at various levels, seminars focusing on Czech literature, culture and history, free-time activities including theatre, music and dance performances, excursions, trips etc.

Summer school courses are also open to foreign nationals who do not hold or cannot apply for scholarships and wish to bear the related expenses themselves. Applications are to be filed directly with the selected faculty/institute in this case (please note that decisions as to admission fall within the terms of reference of the respective institutions of higher education).


LSSS 2014 1 MB PDF (Adobe Acrobat document) Feb 3, 2014

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