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Photo: Bontonfilm Studios
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Movie Bet on Friendship at the EU FF 2022 in Hong Kong

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong has chosen comedy Bet on Friendship by Patrik Hartl to be screened on EU FF 2022.

This year, the European Film Festival (EUFF)  has the pleasure to present a selection of 18 European films which have never been screened in Hong Kong before . They were chosen carefully with the Consulates-General of the European Union to showcase their countries’ passion and talent in film making. As always, we have selected a wide variety of genres, which include comedy, thrillers and drama.  The EUFF 2022 will take place in various cinemas around Hong Kong 15.7.2022 to 31.7.2022.

The Consulate General of the Czech Republic has chosen comedy Bet Of Friendship written and dirested by Patrik Hartl.

Twenty years after their graduation, four buddies meet again at a class reunion. The 45-year-olds find themselves longing for a change, realising their lives haven’t developed the way they once planned. They decide to deal with their middle-age crises by playing a provocative game of almost unfeasible tasks. How to prevent the corrosion of ideals, disintegration of relationships, dissolution of dreams, and testicle shrinkage? Will they be able to find the courage to do crazy things like when they were young? The adaptation from director Patrik Hartl’s own bestselling novel was a huge commercial success, topping the annual Czech box office.

Details and the tickets for two screenings are avaiable here.