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Legalization of Signature/Copy/Translation

Consulate General of the Czech Republic provides the following types of legalization:
 1) Legalization of signature
2) Legalization of copy
3) Legalization of translation

Applicants are required to make an appointment through email (consul_hongkong@mzv.cz) by following the format below:

Email Subject: Appointment for Legalization of Signature/Copy/Translation – applicant’s full name

1. Full name:

2. Surname:

3. Hong Kong/Macau telephone number:

4. Type of legalization: i.e. legalization of signatures/copy/translation

5. Type of documents: e.g. marriage certificate, power of attorney

6. Number of documents:

7. Total chargeable units: e.g. a total of 3 signatures, a total of 3 pages

8. Preferred weeks for appointments: e.g. the week of 5 August, 12 August and 19 August


Applicants will receive a reply within 3 working days with a given time-slot for the appointment through email.



1) Legalization of signature

A person brings a document a signs it at our consulate in front of the consular officer. If the document has been already signed a person has to acknowledge his/her signature on the document. The identity has to be proved by a valid ID or passport. Legalization of signature can be only done in the presence of the person whose signature is legalized.

Consulate General will not legalize signature on the document which is not fully filled. We will only legalize signature on the documents in Czech, English and Slovakian language.

2) Legalization of copy  

You have to bring an original of the document (or its certified copy), which the consular officer will compare with the copies of the document brought by you. Please, note that we will only legalize a copy of an official document (the document has to bear a stamp or some official features – e.g. birth certificate, university diploma etc.). Also, note that in compliance with the law of the Czech Republic we cannot legalize a copy of identity documents (passport, ID, driving license etc.), checks, lottery tickets, security, technical drawings etc.

3) Legalization of translation

Consulate General translates ONLY official documents such as birth and marriage certificates or certificates of no criminal convictions from English into Czech language and from Czech into English language. In case of any other longer documents, please contact a translation agency.

The applicant can also translate the document by himself/herself. Such translation can later be legalized by our consular officer, but only if it is a correct and full translation.

Please see the consular fees for the current price of legalization or translation.