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Long-term Visas/ Permits appointment

Applications for all types of long-term visas and residence permits can be registered via email address consul_hongkong@mzv.cz .

You are only entitled to submit the application at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in the state of which you are a citizen or, in the state where you have long-term or permanent residence and where you have been resident legally continuously for at least 2 years.

In the e-mail´s subject indicate: the applicant's unique travel document number.

All email registrations must include:

  • applicant´s name and surname,
  • applicant´s date of birth,
  • applicant´s travel document number,
  • purpose of intended stay (study, family reunification, employment, business, sport, scientific research, invitation, etc.),
  • applicant´s contact details (HK telephone and email),
  • proof of residency in Hong Kong (HK permit or visa issued for a stay longer than 365 days)
  • proof of address in Hong Kong


E-mail attachments - applicant must attach to the registration e-mail following documents in .jpg or .pdf format):

  • a scan of proof of purpose of stay,
  • a scan of the data page of your passport,
  • a scan of applicant´s residence permit issued by Hong Kong authorities


1 applicant = 1 e-mail. Please send only one email in order to register for an appointment. Only one applicant can be subscribed in each email.  A parent applying together with his/her children, can register by sending one e-mail. In this case, the information of all the applicants/of the whole family, must be stated in the e-mail enquiry.

Following e-mails will be excluded from registration1) e-mails that are not sent in the format specified in point 2, 2) e-mails by which the applicant attempts to register more applicants at the same time - with the exception of e-mails from parents who are also registering their minors, 3) e-mails sent several times by one applicant, 4) e-mails sent to a different e-mail address, 5) e-mails with attachments larger than 10 MB.


After successful registration an automated response will be sent within 3 working days with a date registered for lodging your application. Please note that the date for lodging the application at the Consulate Generale of the Czech Republic in Hong Kong cannot be changed.

 If you have not received any date for lodging your visa application, this is due to the fact listed above in the registration requirements.


Please note that you cannot change your appointment. For capacity reasons and in the interest of transparency and predictability, we cannot assign a specific date according to the applicant's wishes. If you are unable to use the date allocated, you must register for a new appointment as per the procedure above. If you fail to appear, your appointment will forfeit If you arrive late without prior apology, your appointment will also forfeit - in this case the visa centre will deal with other applicants who arrived on time.


Once the application has been decided, you be will contacted. You can check the status of your application for a long-term visa/residence permit here. We do not answer to enquiries regarding the status of the application before the legal deadline expires.