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Appointments for Consular Services and Visa Applications

Appointments are needed for most of the consular services and submission of visa applications. To book an appointment, request should be sent by e-mail to  a dedicated address. All other correspondence, including queries regarding appointments, should be addressed to: consulate_islamabad@mzv.cz.

Document certification

Requests for appointments to certify (super legalize) documents for international use, to verify translations or signatures, should be sent to: documents_islamabad@mzv.cz

The subject line should contain the applicant's passport number only. The body of the message  should contain the following information:

a) the applicant's full name;
b) identification of documents to be certified;
c) purpose of the applicant's intended stay in the Czech Republic;
d) the applicant's telephone number.

Long-term visa, residence permits

Requests for appointments to submit long-term visa or residence permit applications should be sent to: visa_islamabad@mzv.cz.

The subject line should contain the applicant's passport number only. The body of the message should contain the following information:

a) the applicant’s full name;
b) type of authorization required, i.e. long-term visa or residence permit;
c) purpose of stay, e.g. study, research, family reunification, sport;
d) expected dates of arrival to and departure from the Czech Republic;
e) contact telephone number.              

Scan copy of a document attesting to the purpose of stay, e.g. letter of acceptance for study, researcher hosting agreement, marriage certificate and the spouse's residence permit should be attached.                                                                                                                                                  

Note: Applications for long-term visa/residence permits have to be supported by documents already certified for international use. This certification should be done in advance, before requesting an appointment to submit an application for visa/residence permit.

Time to ask for an appointment

New appointment slots are open on the 1st and the 15th of each calendar month, at 0:00 hours Pakistani time. The slots are allocated on the first come, first served basis, i.e. in the order in which the requests reach the  documents_islamabad@mzv.cz or visa_islamabad@mzv.cz mailbox.  Please note that the number of requests can exceed the number of available slots within minutes after the opening.

Successful applicants are offered an appointment time and date by e-mail and they are asked to confirm their attendance. If there is no reply from the Embassy within 7 days, it means there were no more slots available in the current batch or the request did not contain the required information. In such a case, the request can be repeated at the next slots opening.    

The Embassy will not accept:

- multiple requests by a single applicant in a given slots opening period
- requests for different services in a single e-mail
- group requests, with the exception of the applicant and his/her family dependents
- requests with attachments larger than 3 MB 

Pakistanis included in the program “Highly Skilled Employee” or “Critical and Scientific Worker” by their prospective Czech employers will be contacted by the Embassy and offered appointments to apply for work permits. In like manner, students included in “Regime Student” by a Czech institution of higher learning will be offered an appointment outside the regular system.