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Visa and Consular Fees

The Czech Embassy in Islamabad collects all fees in cash in euro (EUR) only.

This applies also to the long-term visa fees and to consular services fees that are set in Czech crowns (CZK). The actual amount collected might vary depending on the CZK/EUR exchange rate.


Fee Schedule

Schengen visa airport transit (type A) EUR 80
Schengen visa (type C) EUR 80
Schengen visa (type C) children 6 - 12 EUR 40
Schengen visa (type C) children up to 6 no charge
Long-term visa (type D) CZK 2500
Residence permit (type D) CZK 2500
Long-term visa for the purpose of enterpreneurship (type D) CZK 5000
Employee Card, Blue Card CZK 5000
Higher authentication (superlegalisation), per document CZK 600
Translation verification, per page CZK 300
Signature verification CZK 250
Copy verification, per page CZK 300


Complete schedule of visa fees can be found at the Foreign Ministry website http://www.mzv.cz/jnp/en/information_for_aliens/visa_fee_schedule/index.html