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Authentication of documents for use abroad

Pakistani public documents - Police Clearance Certificate, Birth Certificate, Marriage Registration Certificate, university diploma - must be authenticated for use in the Czech Republic.
Applicants for document authentication should book an appointment. They can ask other persons to deliver the documents to the Embassy. In such a case, when booking the appointment, they should indicate who would be acting on their behalf.



Superlegalization is a higher authentication of original documents that have been attested, signed and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. In addition to the original document, a copy of the applicant’s passport data page is required.

Superlegalization of educational documents and Police Clearance Certificates is usually done on the spot.  In case of population registry certificates, the Embassy retains the document and informs the applicant when it is ready to be collected.  

For the superlegalization of a Marriage Registration Certificate, the Embassy requires also the original marriage contract - Nikah Nama, Shadi Parath or equivalent - attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Superlegalization can be denied if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has not provided the Embassy with the specimen signature of the attesting officer, and for the reasons specified in the Foreign Service Act.

Translation verification

As a rule, supporting documents for long-term visa or residence permit applications should be translated into Czech language. The exceptions are medical reports, bank account statements, and school diplomas and transcripts that are accepted in English. The Embassy will verify verbatim translations into grammatical Czech without any additions to or omissions from the original.

Alternatively, documents can be translated and verified by a translator registered by the Czech Ministry of Justice.

Signature verification

The Embassy verifies (notarizes) signatures on documents for use in the Czech Republic. A personal identification document - passport or national ID – of the signer is required.

Processing fee

The processing fee is set in Czech koruna (CZK) and is payable in cash in euro equivalent at the collection of the authenticated document. The exact amount varies according to the CZK/EUR exchange rate. Current fee schedule:

Superlegalization: 600 CZK per document

Translation verification: 300 CZK per page

Signature verification: 250 CZK per signature


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