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Czechia has a new president

Czechia has a new president – Petr Pavel, a former army general who has extensive experience in the military and international relations. President Pavel's inauguration ceremony took place on 9th March 2023, marking the start of his… more ►

Humanitarian Aid from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Helped Ukrainian Refugees with Shelter and Medical Care

The Czech Republic has actively been providing aid to Ukraine since the first day of Russian aggression. In addition to supplying weapons and military equipment and receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees or voluntary collections of citizens… more ►

Registration to apply for a long-term visa/residence permits

An application for a long-term visa/residence permits at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul can only be submitted based on proper email registration at the email address visa_istanbul@mzv.cz. Otherwise, the application will… more ►

Registration to apply for an employee card

Registration for employee cards is possible only at the e-mail address employment_istanbul@mzv.cz. Applications for other types of residence permits, including blue cards and seasonal employment, should be sent to the email: visa_istanbul@mzv.cz… more ►

Economic migration - programs and quotas

In support of foreign employment, the Czech Republic implements programs of targeted economic migration. All programs of targeted economic migration are primarily administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Detailed information about the… more ►



Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul in cooperation with Bahçeşehir University presents an exhibition more ►

Jiří Čistecký, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul, recevied the members of ILSA Istanbul (Istanbul University Faculty of Law, International Law Club) in the Consulate General building.


Jiří Čistecký, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul, recevied the members of ILSA Istanbul (Istanbul University Faculty of Law, International Law Club) in the Consulate General building. The students, who were informed about the… more ►

Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU opened in Istanbul with the Light of Understanding concert


On 30 June 2022, the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul organized a unique concert Light of Understanding, which took place in the Cemal Resit Rey concert hall in Istanbul. The concert was attended by 900 guests from the… more ►

Statement on the Occasion of Human Rights Day


On 10 December, every year, we commemorate the international Human Rights Day as we mark the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The objective of the declaration was to ensure universal recognition and preservation of human… more ►

Turkey investment strategies


Turkey has received more than $ 225 billion in foreign direct investment since 2003, but the share of foreign direct investment in Turkey has fallen sharply over the past five years. New strategy of Turkish government aims to substantially… more ►

Turkish defense industry - an opportunity for Czech companies


The Turkish defense industry has developed significantly over the last decade. Back in 2010, only one Turkish company was on the list of the world's 100 most important companies operating in the defense industry. 10 years later, their number has… more ►

An Awards Ceremony of "The Distinguished Contribution to Diplomacy Medal" to Mr. Attila Ahmet Yüce


Consul General Jiří Čistecký presented Mr. Ahmet Yüce with The Distinguished Contribution to Diplomacy Medal on 22nd November 2021. more ►

Announcment - Emergency measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19


On 10 March 2020, the Minister of Health issued an emergency measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic. This measure applies to foreigners who do not have permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic or do not… more ►

Important notice of the Consulate General


Actual information on situation of coronavirus can be found at official webside of the Ministry of Foreighn Affairs and Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic : more ►

The revised Visa Code enters into force on February 2, 2020.


Some revisions, which concern procedure for submission of Schengen visa applications, are summarized below. They will also be updated in individual articles. more ►

Announcement - Consular District Correction


The new legislation No.: 233/2019 more ►

Required Documents in Visa Application for Erasmus Students


Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Istanbul announces that in accordance with the new legislation No.: 233/2019, Long Term Visa and Long Term Stay Applications will be accepted in accordance with the applicant´s permanent residence… more ►

The new system to reserve appointments for long term visa applications is in place from November 23, 2017.


The Consulate General – Consular section, upon receiving a valid request, confirms the appointment via e-mail. Appointments are granted exclusively according to the order of the incoming e-mails in the mailbox. more ►

Do you plan to go abroad for your studies?

Check the study opportunities in the Czech Republic on: www.studyin.cz more ►



The school/program has to be accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic otherwise you are not eligible to apply for this type of visa and have to apply for the long- term visa for other purposes. more ►