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The new system to reserve appointments for long term visa applications is in place from November 23, 2017.

The Consulate General – Consular section, upon receiving a valid request, confirms the appointment via e-mail. Appointments are granted exclusively according to the order of the incoming e-mails in the mailbox.

Do not send repetitive e-mail orders but wait till you receive the answer. E-mail orders are not processed immediately. Also do not send any inquiries or similar kind of correspondence to this e-mail. This e-mail box is just for long-term visa appointment orders.

Long term visa/long term residence permit - appointment registration system

The appointment is necessary to arrange in advance, by email to the following e-mail address:  visa_istanbul@mzv.cz

Fundamental rule: one e-mail/one applicant.

There is an exception for an under-age child who is applying for any type of long visa together with their legal representative. Only the parents can write their names in the e-mail and information how many children and which age will be applying together with the parents.

E-mail requests for the appointment date are sorted to one unlimited line by the date/hour/ minute and second of delivery to the Consular Section mail box.

The Consular Section is not authorised in any way to interfere, change the position or influence the position of the applicant´s registration. In case of the request for the change of the application date or the type of visa, the Consular Section cannot reply. If the applicant is not able to attend the Consulata General in the properly reserved term, he has a duty to reserve a completely new term by a new e-mail.

The weekly number of slots - 30

The monthly number of slots - 120

(excluding Public Holidays of the Republic of Turkey and  the Czech Republic)

E-mail request for the appointment has to contain the following obligatory data (e-mail request without obligatory data will be cancelled and no further proceedings will be made and will not be answered):

  • applicant´s name, surname and date of birth

  • valid travel document number

  • type of visa (long term visa over 90 days of stay and maximum 365 days, long term residence permit, application for permanent residence permit)

  • applicant´s contact details (e-mail address and phone number)

  • scan(only in pdf format) of the travel document data page (only the one with photo)

  • scan(only in pdf format) of the document showing the purpose of the stay in the Czech Republic,

    i.e. confirmation of the study from a Czech University - reason study,  Business Register statement - reason business, marriage certificate - reason family reunion, first page of working contract - reason employment card, etc.