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Destination Europe 2016 in Jakarta

On April 9th and 10th, 2016, the Czech Republic took part in the European travel and culture fair Destination Europe for the second time. There were 64 exhibitors, out of which 25 European countries, and more than 14 000 visitors.

There has been an increase of 20% in visitors from the previous event, which took place in autumn 2014. As a part of the fair there was a European food festival going on as well and a lot of activities for the visitors to enjoy.

Most of the visitors came simply to gather information, and even more than 65% have concrete plans to travel to Europe in the upcoming 3 years, whether as tourists or students. The most favourite elements of the fair were: the country booths, food festival and quizzes and games provided both by the countries themselves and by the EU.

At the Czech booth you could try out the infamous potato soup “Bramboračka” and participate in two quizzes to win a t-shirt or a goody-bag. The locals have enjoyed the interactivity and some of them were even genuinely interested in the Czech culture and architecture, in particular in Prague.


Destination Europe 2016