Odpověď USA

The Department of State refers the Embassy of the
         Czech Republic to its note of July 12, 2000 concerning
         the Germanan Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and
         the Future" and the impacts of the arrangements with
         respect to the Foundation.
         The United States Government confirms that
         unilateral decisions, as well as bilateral and
         multilateral treaties, agreements, and declarations,
         which were intended to address the consequences of the
         Nazi era and the Second World War, including reparations
         issues and any issue concerning measures against German
         property in the former Czechoslovakia will not be
         affected in their wording or existig interpretation by
         the proposed Executivee Agreement between the Government
         of the united States and the Government. of the Federal
         Republic of Germany or the proposed German Foundation
         The United States further confirms that the proposed
         Executive Aqreement and German foundation Law are not
         intended to affect any issue which might have been
         treated by such decisions, treaties, agreements, and
         declarations. These decisions, treaties, agreements, and
         declarations are historical facts and the United States
         does not wish to call them into question. The United
         States welcomes the fact that Germany recently endorsed
         the commitment not to burden Czech-German relations with
         political aid legal issues arising out of the past.
         Department of State,