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Prohlášení Rady Evropy k Česko-německé deklaraci, 22. ledna 1997


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The Council of Europe and the Czech-German Declaration

STRASBOURG, 22.01.97 - The Council of Europe Secretary General, Mr Daniel TARSCHYS, has warmly welcomed the Czech-German Joint Declaration on mutual relations and their future development as an important contribution to the consolidation of a common Europe.

"The signature by Prime Minister Klaus and Chancellor Kohl is a significant political act and a commitment to a Europe based on mutual understanding and confidence," said Daniel TARSCHYS. "I play tribute to the political courage and perseverance on both sides which have made this official reconciliation possible.

"Shared democratic values, as well as respect for human rights and the rule of law, provide the essential basis for a peaceful and co-operative relationship between European neighbours. But in order to heal the scars of history, they need to be accompanied by concrete manifestations of mutual trust. In line with the Franco-German and German-Polish agreements of the past and the recent Hungarian Romanian treaty, the Czech-German Declaration not only closes a troubled chapter of bilateral relations; it should also be an encouragement to others to cast off the burden of history and join together in the community of European democratic nations."

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