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Individual Diplomatic Training


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers diplomats joining through a specific selection procedure, a bespoke programme of diplomatic training.

These new diplomats are considered to already have significant experience and in many cases are experts in a particular field. The programme aims to improve their knowledge in areas closely connected to working in the Foreign Service.

The individual diplomatic training builds upon the general diplomatic training programme and reflecting the specific requirements, which the employee needs for his/her work at the MFA. Diplomats commence the training as soon as they start working for the Ministry and finish the programme within 12 months.

The individual study plan for each professional is prepared in consultation and takes into consideration the particular experiences and skills of the new employee. A mandatory component of the programme includes soft skills courses, diplomatic practices and working with media. Courses and seminars are also accepted as complete when the professional has attended relevant studies abroad or in the Czech Republic.

Since the participants of the individual diplomatic training programme are already the employees of the MFA, they attend the courses during their regular working hours. Individual diplomatic training can commence anytime during the academic year.