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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Dub opened the third year of Economic education course


The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Dub opened the third year of a two-week Economic education course at Cernin Palace on February 3rd 2014

According to Tomáš Dub, it is important for the economic diplomacy of the Czech Republic, to know the trends of economic development in countries within the sphere of the Czech Republic’s interests. It is also important to be able to effectively communicate this information to Czech entrepreneurs.  Another goal of Czech diplomacy is a reduction of disharmony between businesses and human rights, according to him.

This Economic education course, which will last from February 3rd to 14th,  2014 at the MFA, is one of the founding pillars of the economic education system for Czech diplomats, introduced in 2012.

The goal of this course is to mainly strengthen awareness about the functioning of the economy as a whole, about companies’ businesses and their export activities and about the supportive role of the state. The central theme of the course is the current state of economic diplomacy at the MFA and its role in the process of strengthening the competitiveness of the Czech economy.

This common project between the Diplomatic Academy and the Bilateral Economic Relations Department is supported by reputable lecturers from universities, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officials from other departments, representatives of state agencies for commerce, investment and the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship, as well as representatives of export companies.  

The course is mainly designed for diplomats that will soon hold the economic positions at Czech embassies in abroad as well as for the junior diplomatic preparation trainees, who just started their diplomatic career.

The course was also opened by Petr Kubernát, director general of the Minister’s Cabinet department of the MFA. He pointed out the other economic education activities of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA. He mentioned a year-long lecture series focusing on the economic topic of: “Economists for Czech diplomacy” as well as this year’s newly prepared junior diplomats’ internships at the Czech export companies. He remarked that Czech companies are interested in the Diplomatic Academy students’ internships. They believe this cooperation may be beneficial for both sides by generating greater understanding for Czech diplomats and our exporters.

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