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Social protocol and etiquette by Ladislav Špaček


The art of social protocol and etiquette should be one of the natural skills of all diplomats, and not only diplomats. Ladislav Špaček, a renowned expert in this field, gave a lecture on the art of social protocol at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in April 2013.

Protocol for introducing people, correct use of titles, seating order at social events and dress code – these are some of the skills that should be obvious to everyone. However, many diplomats, politicians and managers still make serious mistakes when dealing with their partners.

The Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs traditionally includes a course on social protocol and etiquette in its programme. Its objective is to revise the basic rules of social behaviour and to point out some of the mistakes and “faux pas” by using examples from diplomatic practice. The course, open to all employees of the MFA and organised at the end of April 2013, was presented by Ladislav Špaček, former spokesman of President Václav Havel and author of many books on etiquette.