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Coaching Czechs for interviews and recruitment competitions at EU institutions


A priority for Czech’s foreign policy is strengthening the voice of the Czech Republic within Europe and EU institutions. For this reason, the Diplomatic Academy has been tasked with assisting Czech diplomats´ preparation for recruitment competitions at the European External Action Service. It also supports state officers seeking positions within various EU institutions.

Assistance and preparation is focused on transferring knowledge from experts in three ways. The first is through round table discussions. Here, those who were successful in the EU recruitment process can, thus, share their personal experiences and advice with their colleagues. The second component is the organisation of an annual one-day information seminar. This seminar ensures that candidates from within all areas of the Czech state administration are acquainted with the various levels and types of job positions available, as well as the criteria and selection processes for EU institutions. Interested candidates can acquire concrete information on how to apply and prepare for the final phase of the recruitment competition – an interview. Finally, the Diplomatic Academy facilitates the preparation of Czech diplomats by offering regular trainings focused on improving of presentation skills and the ability to self-market.

Within this assistance, cooperation with the International Organisation of La Frankophonie has proven to be highly effective. They sponsor a one-day seminar for state officers in French, focused on providing information on the process and competition rules for job positions in the EU institutions. While the aim to promote continuing French language skills, the seminar also offers insight on: the methodology of language tests focused on oral abilities, presentation and delivery of numeric tests, abstract thinking tests, situational tests, presenting case studies and completing a simulated test used by assessment centres. Through this course, state officers can practically learn about the various types of testing used when recruiting by simulating situations. The quality of the course is guaranteed by the prestigious French National School of Administration (École Nationale d'Administration – ENA).