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Entrance Hall


The Entrance Hall is dominated by sculpture Hercules battling the Hydra from 1746. It was created by Prague Late Baroque sculptor Ignác František Platzer.


Platzer is famous for his sculptures in the St. Nicholas Church in the Lesser Town of Prague. Hercules was later a theme of Platzer´s sculptures on pillars in the 1st court of the Prague Castle. Hercules was an favourite art theme in the Habsburg Empire in the 1st half of the 18th century. Hercules was a personification, a symbolic of Emperor Charles VI (1711 – 1740). Charles VI was stylized to the image of the ancient hero to memory of his victorious wars against Turks who were being expelled out of Europe after hundreds years of occupation. Platzer´s sculpture originally embroidered the garden facade of the palace. Having been from typical material of the Middle European sculptures, sandstone it is predisposed to corrosion. Regarding the predisposition the original statue was moved to the Entrance Hall, having been replaced by a replica in the garden facade. Its current location in the Entrance Hall  was filled by another statue in the Czernins era. A statuary of Mercury, Andronike and Cupis was sculpted by the most famous Prague baroque sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun in about 1719. However it did not survive till the 20th century.