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History of our office


The Special Envoy for Czechs Living Abroad Office is currently part of the Section for Legal and Consular Affairs (SPK)

The office builds on the work of the Centre for Non-governmental Relations (SNS) from 1990–1992, the Department for Compatriot and Non-governmental Relations (OKNS) from 1993–1997 and a unit within the Department for Compatriot and Cultural Relations (OKKV) from 1997–2007. Since 2008, the Special Commissioner for Czechs Living Abroad Office has been part of the Department for Culture, Communication and Presentation (OKKP) and since then has been headed by the Special Commissioner / Envoy for Czechs Living Abroad, who was a member of the team operating under the Director General of the Economic Cooperation and Promotion Abroad Section (SEP) in 2011-2012. Between  2012 and 2015, the office was part of the Minister’s Cabinet Section (SMN). Since June 2015, the office is directly subordinated to the  Deputy Minister for Legal and Consular Affairs.