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Czechs Abroad


Special Envoy for Czechs Living Abroad Office

Since February 1, 2019 Jiří KRÁTKÝ has been appointed  as the new Special Envoy for Czechs Living Abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The Special Envoy’s Office is located:

Loretánská ul. 6, 118 00  Praha 1

Compatriot folklore dance group, Nova Petrópolis, Brazil

The Special Envoy for Czechs Living Abroad Office

  • promotes cooperation with Czech societies around the world through:
    • the provision of financial donations for the societies‘ cultural projects (including the projects run by the Czech School Without Borders), for the maintenance and repairs of the Czech schools, cultural facilities and small monuments abroad,
    • an educational programme for Czechs living abroad:
      • Summer course in Poděbrady,
      • one- and two-semester study courses at public universities in the Czech Republic,
      • Czech language teaching course for teachers from the communities,
      • sending of teachers to Czech communities abroad,
      • sending of lecturers of the Czech Language and Literature to the whole world
  • provides:
    • for the issuing of certificates of belonging to the Czech community living abroad,
    • an information service for Czech societies around the world, regularly updating directories of Czech societies abroad.


People abroad who claim Czech origin 90 kB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Jul 19, 2011

History of our office

The Special Envoy for Czechs Living Abroad Office is currently part of the Section for Legal and Consular Affairs (SPK) more ►