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Palestinian Autonomous Territories


The Palestinian Autonomous Territories are among the poorest countries of the Middle East, with their economic and social stability being of vital importance for the entire region. The Czech Republic has, therefore, provided assistance to Palestine since the 1990s. In its activities, the Czech Republic has so far focused on the Tubas Governorate and the energy sector (since 1996, approximately 30 villages have been electrified thanks to Czech assistance).

The Palestinian Autonomous Territories are among 10 priority (project) countries according to the Development Cooperation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2010 -2017. Actual support of the Czech Republic to Palestine amounts 750 000 USD for the implementation of development projects a year. The donations are used to provide the Palestinian authorities with financial contributions to support the management and development of water resources, photovoltaic energy and agriculture. They are pursued via financial donation to the Tubas Governorate. Working closely with the Representative Office of the Czech Republic in Ramallah and with support of the Czech Development Agency, in 2011 and 2012 the Palestinian partners were provided with professional assistance to prepare new project specifications and selection procedures by means of which the Palestinian partners were to choose project contractors for the implementation phase.

In 2011, Czech Republic supported 6 projects (3 bilateral and 3 small local projects) in Palestine in total amount of 15.9 million CZK. ODA to Palestine reached 31.1 million CZK (approx. 1.5 million USD).

In 2011, the „Multi-year Water Allocation System“ started with the Czech support. The project is implemented by Palestinian Water Authority. In 2012, Czech Republic supported a continuation of the project by 5 million CZK.

In 2012, the Czech Republic also provided 5 million CZK (250 000 USD) to Tubas Governorate’s project on development of photovoltaic energy and 2.5 million CZK (125 000 USD) to a project on agriculture development.

Representative Office of the Czech Republic in Ramallah also implemented 3 small local projects in 2012 (“Testing the Waters: Simulating use of a Model Water Accord for Sharing Water Peacefully Between Israelis and Palestinians”, “Israeli-Palestinian Cross-border cooperation: Barn Owls help reduce rodent damage and pesticide use”, and “Support of Educational Activities in Al Quds University, Eastern Jerusalem”).

In the academic year 2012/2013, Palestine was offered by 2 government scholarships, the total number of students from the Palestinian Autonomous Territories, currently enrolled in programmes in the Czech Republic, is 14.

In 2009 – 2012, Czech Republic provided Palestine with humanitarian aid in total value of 1.24 million USD via UNRWA and Caritas Jerusalem to support Palestinian population and refugees in Gaza as well as in the Western Bank.


ODA_CZE-PALESTINE_2006-2012 31 kB xls (Excel document) Dec 4, 2012