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Since 2000, Serbia has been undergoing the process of economic transition in order to recover from economic isolation and war. In March 2012, the official status of Serbia as an EU candidate country was confirmed, bringing to fruition the positive long-term development in the country, and showing promise for the future. At the same time, however, the country continues to face high unemployment rates and other economic and social issues. Serbia ranks 64th in the UNDP’s Human Development Index.

In the Development Cooperation Strategy 2010 – 2017, Serbia has been included in the widest category of the priority countries, the project countries. Historically, the majority of Czech assistance went to the sector of health and health-related areas that affect the state of health of the Serbian population (e.g. environment), as well as to transport and industrial manufacturing. Geographically, Czech assistance to Serbia focused most notably on the region of Sandžak, where the Czech Republic provides support particularly to the Muslim minority, and on the region of Šumadija.

The Czech development cooperation in Serbia consists of:


Czech development projects in Serbia - 2012 47 kB xls (Excel document) Mar 18, 2013