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In spite of important reforms having been implemented in Vietnam over the last years, the country remains among those with very low income, ranking 113th in the Human Development Index. Vietnam’s problems stem mainly from its economic structure (more than 50% agricultural), insufficient infrastructure (especially in rural areas) and a high illiteracy rate. The country still struggles with the consequences of war.

Czechoslovakiaprovided assistance to (North) Vietnam with important development aid (in the latter periods mostly in the form of scholarships and internships in Czech companies) from the start of the anticolonial struggle. In 1996, the Czech Republic renewed development cooperation, focusing predominantly on infrastructure improvements. 

            In 2010, within development assistance provided by the Czech Republic, a project of fresh water fish breeding was successfully implemented in the sector of agriculture, forestry and fishing. The project has become a model example of how to maintain the cleanliness of lakes that become increasingly more polluted and how to keep them populated with fish that are the only means of sustenance to many inhabitants. A manufacturing project focused on the application of local resources in the glassmaking industry.

The project of reintegration of returning emigrants to the job market was equally successful.

In 2010, a major project aimed at removing dioxin contamination was scheduled for the Thua Thien Hue province in central Vietnam, in order to reduce health risks and improve the economic and social situation of people in the affected area. Due to substantial budget cuts, however, the project has been postponed until 2011. 

Three small local projects were an important part of Czech assistance; one of them was implemented in order to help local families with the transfer to more environment-friendly drying rooms for ceramics. Another project involved a comprehensive study of the lakes of Hanoi, including their pollution and its main sources, as well as remedial measures. Last but not least, a project of renovation of a health centre in Van Son (in the Do Luong) was also carried out, giving several villages in the area access to basic healthcare. 

In the academic year 2010/2011, Vietnam was offered 2 government scholarships. In 2010, there were a total of 7 Vietnamese students enrolled in Czech study programmes of chemistry and technologies. 

In 2010, the Czech Republic implemented a total of 11 development projects in Vietnam (8 major projects and 3 smaller, local projects), totalling USD 1.4 million. The total official development assistance provided by the Czech Republic to Vietnam in 2010 amounted to USD 2.4 million.