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Association for International Affairs (AMO)


The Association for International Affairs is a non-governmental organization founded to promote research and education in the field of international relations. Thanks to its activities and more than ten-year tradition, Association has established itself as the preeminent independent foreign policy think-tank in the Czech Republic.

The Association facilitates expression and realization of ideas, thoughts and projects in order to increase education, mutual understanding and tolerance among the people.

The organization focuses its activity on three pillars: education, international projects, and research.

The Association contributes to strengthening good relations between the Czech Republic and other countries mainly in the Central and Eastern European region. In cooperation with its partners in Eastern Europe, the Association transmits the Czech experience from the transformation period of the 1990s and supports the development of civil society in the region.

In cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs - within the Transition Promotion Program, the Association for International Affairs realizes projects in Belarus and Ukraine.

In Belarus, the Association has realized a project named European alternative for Belorussian schools which aims mainly at Belorussian high school teachers lecturing arts and humanities, and high school students. The goal of the project is to support activities of European school clubs and independent teachers.

In Ukraine, the Association tries to provide Eastern Ukrainian teachers and journalists with information on the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU and NATO so as to assist them in breaking down the myths about these institutions that are widespread in general public opinion there.

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