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DEMAS, established in 2008, is an independent platform that comprises 11 Czech non-governmental organizations focusing on the support of democracy assistance, human rights and civil society in the Czech Republic and abroad.

DEMAS builds on the solid foundations laid by the important segment of the Czech non-profit sector engaged in the field of democracy assistance, on the Czech experience and know-how of the transition to democracy, and also on an enduring sense of shared responsibility for democratic development in countries less fortunate than the Czech Republic.

DEMAS endeavors to:

  • Contribute to securing a wide social consensus around the necessity to support democracy and human rights, and defend its place at the heart of the foreign policies of the Czech Republic and the European Union
  • Support democracy, human rights and civil society wherever they are threatened
  • Extend a helping hand in countries where democracy and the rule of law fall short of generally accepted standards, and also in countries undergoing the transition to democracy
  • Facilitate information and know-how exchange among member organizations
  • Actively co-operate with like-minded organizations in other countries, especially in the EU
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of Czech transition promotion and democracy assistance

DEMAS comprises the following NGOs: Agora Central Europe; YES for Europe; Association for International Affairs; Democracy and Culture Studies Center; People in Need; Institute for European Policy – Europeum; Forum 2000 Foundation; International Association Civic Belarus; PASOS, the Policy Association for an Open Society; Respekt Institute; and Transitions Online.

Within the Transition Promotion Program, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) supports DEMAS in building of its capacities and enhancement of its internal structures. In addition, the MFA also supports DEMAS in its effort to increase the awareness of human rights and democracy promotion in both the Czech Republic and the EU, and to bring to the table the key European players in the area of transition policy, democratization and human rights.

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