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Projects implemented in 2008


Summary of Transition Promotion Program activities realized in 2008, list of implemented projects

List of implemented projects (xls)

Transformation policy is an integral part of Czech foreign policy, bringing together the foreign policy tools that may be used to influence the state of human rights and democracy in the world. Transformation policy is designed to motivate political processes leading towards long-term stability and prosperity and to help support human rights defenders and emancipate civil society as a key actor in sustainable democratic change. The corresponding financial instrument, available to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2004, is the transformation cooperation programme. The experiences gained from cooperation with civil society in target countries are then factored into the decision-making process. The Czech Republic’s purposeful work in this field also helps enhance the country’s image abroad as an active support of observance of human rights and support for democracy.

Examples of transformation cooperation projects in 2008


International Association Civic Belarus

Support for "European Radio for Belarus"

European Radio for Belarus is an international radio station based in Warsaw with a network of associates throughout Belarus. Since February 2006, it has been providing news, commentary and entertainment features. In light of its target group, young listeners, emphasis is placed particularly on VHF/FM and internet ( ERB is the most listened to station broadcasting from abroad, and the station’s web site has also recorded growing traffic over 2007.

Support for the Belarusian non-governmental sector and Belarusian scholarship beneficiaries (information exchange, study stays, consultation services, development of Human Rights House in Vilnius)

Under the project, group and individual study visits to the Czech Republic were organised for representatives of the Belarusian non-governmental sector, as well as visits to the Human Rights School in Vilnius for Czech instructors. The project implementer also provided consultation and legal assistance to Belarusian students and organisations. The Human Rights House in Vilnius provides Belarusian non-governmental organisations with safe premises for their work and educational projects (seminars, conferences, training). The Czech Republic is one of this project’s international partners.

Association for International Affairs

A European Alternative for Belarus

Support for the work of independent school “Euroclubs” to enable them better to promote European values and integration and inform about developments in Central European countries following their accession to the EU. In them, information on European values, European integration and development in Central European countries following their accession to the EU can be provided, in particular to primary and secondary school teachers in Belarus.

People in Need

Today’s investment in the future of Belarus – contacts, image, analytical potential of
a democratic Belarus

This complex project, picking up on previous activity by People in Need in Belarus, included: material and moral support for politically persecuted persons, increasing the capacities of small non-governmental organisations through micro-grants, a study internship in the Czech Republic and activities concentrating on increasing awareness about the situation in Belarus.

Archdiocesan Charity Prague

Education of Belarusian students at selected Czech universities I and II

A long-term project under which ten young Belarusians study at selected universities in the Czech Republic.


Organisation for Aid to Refugees

Support for the work of non-governmental organisations working with refugees and internally displaced persons in Georgia II

This project picked up on previous cooperation with the non-governmental organisation Tskhinvali House, a confederation of fifteensmaller organisations working with refugees from Tskhinvali in South Ossetia. After training workers from non-governmental organisations, in 2008 the project focused primarily on providing computer courses, instruction in English for  NGO workers and establishing a pilot healthcare fund for particularly endangered groups of refugees.

Agora Central Europe

Support for development of cooperation at the local level in Georgia

This joint project between four organisers (Agora CE, People in Need, Association for International Affairs and the Educational Centre for Public Administration) is focused on civil participation, primarily among young people from minorities, in decision-making processes and life in their communities, in education and in increasing the professional qualifications of representatives of local authorities.


People in Need

Support for the transformation of Iraqi society – non-governmental organisations, civil society, journalists, local government

A long-term project launched in 2004; through a wide range of activities – study visits, courses, training, direct support – it contributes to the development of civil society and its effective role in transformation and democratisation in southern Iraq. In 2008, emphasis was placed on training representatives of local and regional administration and strengthening the ability of local non-profit organisations to realise their own projects. A web portal for
non-profit organisations was also put into operation.

University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Informatics and Management 

Courses for a group of students from Iraq

Four students completed a course in Information Management and Applied Informatics at the Universityof HradecKrálovéin June 2008.


People in Need

Support for democratic opposition in Cuba

 Direct support for civil society, independent journalists, doctors, teachers, activists in independent trade unions, church representatives, and civic activists. Another part of the project is the provision of information to the Czech, European and global public about the situation in Cuba and coordinating the activities of pro-democracy institutions and personalities.

Libri Prohibiti

Support for the movement of Independent Libraries in Cuba

Project focused on supporting "independent libraries" in Cuba by establishing direct contact between them and libraries in the Czech Republic. Also part of the project was
a literary competition for banned/unofficial Cuban authors.


VIA Foundation

Transformation cooperation with the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund
(BCIF) – phase III

This long-term project helped develop a culture of private donorship and fundraising possibilities for non-profit organisations.

Support for development and viability of Serbian non-profit organisations

This project picks up on previous activities of the organiser in the field of developing donorship and sustainable financing for the non-profit sector in Serbia. Aside from systematic work with non-governmental non-profit organisations the project is focused on passing on experience with corporate social responsibility to company managers and to more intensive cooperation between the non-profit, private and public sector.

South Moravia Region

Utilisation of experiences with the transformation of public administration in the Šumadija region

Study visits and seminars focusing on the development and improvement of the performance of the Regional Economic Development Agency for the Šumadija and Pomoravlje Regions, which participates in drawing up development projects for local government; some projects receive financial support from the Czech Republic.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia

Transitions Online

Law school for journalists and journalism school for judges

This project is conceived of as training for journalists and judges. Thematically it is focused on better orientation for journalists in court procedures and mutual communication between media and judges. It is made up of a one-month online distance learning course, ongoing professional management of the journalists, a two-day briefing in both countries and a three-day seminar in Prague for both target groups.

Agora Central Europe

Increasing citizen influence on local decision-making

Strengthening democracy and development of civil society at the local level through effective public involvement in decision-making processes. The project familiarises representatives of local authorities with the possibilities and methods of "civic participation" and offers assistance in dealing with specific problems.

Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transitions Online

Reporting EU – Improving reporting on EU integration and reform

This educational cycle for journalists (from Belarus also for journalism students and those who are not permitted to study) contained a one-month internet distance learning course and a five-day course in Prague. Participants were provided with the knowledge needed to deliver accurate and unbiased reports. Emphasis was placed on internet journalism and blogging. The study materials were prepared in cooperation with the BBC.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova

Transitions Online

Improving reporting on EU integration and reform

A continuation and expansion of a short-term project supported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006 and 2007, this is an educational programme intended for a total of 18 journalists and focused on improving their orientation in EU issues and on improving the quality level of information on European integration and reforms in the target countries.


People in Need

Increasing the capacity of Transnistrian non-governmental organisations

Development of civic life and activities in the Transnistrian region; training in project management; practical cooperation in the form of micro-grants, with the emphasis on establishing contacts and cooperation between organisations under the jurisdiction of Chisinau and Tiraspol. Part of the project is the training of local authorities and sharing of experiences with providing municipal services.


People in Need

Burma projects of People in Need

This project focused on direct support for the Burmese democratic movement and on initiatives that aid international support for the movement. As part of the project an expert group was created to pass on experiences with transformation, a number of Burmese activists travelled to the Czech Republic, plus other activities.


Moving Image Centre and Burmese projects of FAMU

The project comprises one-year study at FAMU in Prague for one scholarship beneficiary whose opportunities for study in Myanmar/Burma are restricted for political reasons.   It also includes a workshop designed to bring closer together independent artists, expelled students, former political prisoners and people cooperating with the dissent movement who are interested in cinematography and video and want to enhance the creative skills they already possess.

In addition to the aforementioned subsidies, the activities of the Yangon Film School and independent press were supported in Myanmar/Burma last year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly.


Europeum Institute for European Policy

Transfer of experiences with the process of European integration from Czech non-governmental organisations to their Ukrainian counterparts II.

This project carried on with last year’s activities and concentrated on passing on experiences with the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration and the deepening of direct contacts between Czech and Ukrainian non-governmental non-profit organisations.

People in Need

Contribution to alleviating the conflict in Crimea and improving the quality of investigation in Eastern and Southern Ukraine

This project was focused on regulating ethnic tension in Crimea and bringing more depth to investigative journalism. A further round of reports was announced on the themes of corruption, the Russian-speaking majority in Crimea, etc.

Association for International Affairs

A European Alternative for Eastern Ukraine

This project was focused on regional journalists and teachers from Eastern Ukraine.
A part of the project was a series of seminars for teachers and journalists, a competition for secondary school students and a study trip to the Czech Republic for selected teachers and journalists. 

Democracy and Culture Studies Centre

Strengthening democracy and the structures of civil society in Eastern Ukraine

A continuation and expansion of a project realised in 2006. The target group were representatives of local citizens’ organisations and democratic parties and representatives of state and local administration. In the project a ten-day lecture cycle was held and a publication was issued Civic publication – bases and growth in Russian and Ukrainian


Doctoral studies for students from target countries

As part of its transformation cooperation in the years 2005 – 2009, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports a programme of post-graduate studies of macroeconomics and economic transformation at the CERGE Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University for several dozen students from the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Balkans and South Caucasus.


Projects implemented in 2008 38 kB xls (Excel document) Aug 25, 2011