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The Transition Promotion Programme (TRANS) is a financial instrument of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for a democracy assistance established in 2005. This programme aims to support democracy and human rights, using the Czech Republic’s experience with the social transition and democratization of the country. Projects within TRANS are implemented in cooperation with Czech civil society organizations and their local partners, underpinning the importance of civil society in democratization processes.

TRANS is administrated by the Human Rights and Transition Policy Department that functions as a kind of  “implementing agency”. Its annual budget amounts to 2 mil EUR.

The majority of funds (roughly 90% of the annual budget) are distributed through a call for proposals scheme announced usually in autumn each ear. Successful applicants are notified before the end of the year so that the grantees have enough time to properly reflect evaluation committee’s comments and implement the project in time. Due to the Czech state budget regulation, the programme works on a calendar year basis, however, eligible duration of projects ranges from 9 to 36 months. Only Czech NGOs are eligible. Each applicant has to secure at least 10% co-financing.

Remaining funds (10% of the annual budget) are distributed during the course of the year by Czech Embassies in target as well as non-priority countries or directly by the MFA HQ (mandate contracts). It also enables us to co-finance projects supported by major foreign donors, such as EC (especially EIDHR), USAID or UNDP.

Target countries

The programme currently has 11 priority countries:

Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Myanmar, Cuba and Vietnam.

Thematic priorities

In accordance with the Human Rights and Transition Promotion Policy Concept of the Czech Republic, the TRANS Programme focuses on the following thematic priorities:

(1) supporting civil society, including human rights defenders;

(2) promoting the freedom of expression and information, including the freedom of the media;

(3) promoting an equal and full political and public participation;

(4) supporting institution-building in the area of the rule of law;

(5) promoting equality and non-discrimination;

(6) promoting human rights in employment and in the environmental context.


Human_rights_and_transition_promotion_policy_concept_of_... 200 kB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Feb 24, 2011

Logo of the Program


Logo of the Transition Promotion Program for download. more ►