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Euroradio/European Radio for Belarus


International Association Civic Belarus

European Radio for Belarus (ERB) is an international radio station based in Warsaw that has been providing independent news, information, and entertainment to the citizens of Belarus since February 2006.

The objective of the radio station is to deliver factual, up-to-date and trustworthy information to Belarusian listeners about events in Belarus and Europe. The programs are prepared by Belarusian journalists in Warsaw, Minsk and throughout Belarus.

ERB has currently 280 000 listeners in Belarus and also more than 150 000 readers access the ERB news in other Belarusian media (such as popular server TUT.BY) each month.

The Radio broadcasts on FM, lower FM, Satellite, and over the Internet in order to reach the broadest possible audience. To learn about how to listen to the Radio, go to

European Radio for Belarus also supports Belarusian independent music and apart from individual concerts, it co-organized a festival of Belarusian rock music “Be Free” in 2009. The festival took place in Chernihiv in Ukraine and attracted 20 000 visitors.

Radio constantly trains its staff and thus prepares young Belarusians for work in independent media.

ERB was established and continues to operate thanks to financial support from the governments of the United States, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Sweden as well as from the European Commission.¨

Financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CR in 2009: CZK 3,563,768.

Financial support from the MFA CR for a 3-year project 2007-9: CZK 8,935,926.24.



ICQ: 362 100 740

Skype: euroradio_erb