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Civil alternative for Belarusian schools, 2011


Association for International Affairs (AMO)

Association for International Affairs has been passing the Czech education transformation experience and interactive methods in education system on Belarusian teachers through European (now Civil) alternative for Belarusian schools initiative since 2006. The main objective of the 2011 implementation period was based on supporting the civil engagement of teachers and their students while using interactive teaching methods a and critical thinking development.

The project identifies several target groups:

1.     Representatives of Institutes of qualification improvement and teachers that would not come to public seminar organized by foreign or Belarusian NGO by themselves.

2.     Teachers that are in contact with our partner NGOs  - Center for Teacher Education and European Teachers Club

3.     Belarusian highschool students that attend competitions.

The project aims at presenting the Czech approach to education and tries to reach broad group of teachers. The Czech experts gave their presentations at the conference. 4 seminars were held during autumn in cooperation with Institutes of qualification improvement in Minsk, Vitebsk, Mohylov and Homel and the Association for International Affairs could build on the cooperation established in 2010. Institutes’ employees show their interest, nevertheless they put emphasis on pure pedagogical aspect.

We successfully organized knowledge contest for students in cooperation with European students Club. Students had the possibility to prove their knowledge in european affairs. The contest’s finale was conducted in Vilnius.

AMO, in cooperation with school no. 207, is in process of introduction of the project “ I, citizen”  in Belarus. The first round of the project was conducted in 2011. The winning project dealt with volunteering and the authors presented the project in the Czech republic. In November 2011 the group of Belarusian teachers went to Lvov, where they had a possibility to get familiar with Ukrainian experience with the project. 

 Long-term support of the Center for Teacher Education is an important part of the project that nowadays represents the only alternative to official web site, organizes seminars, trainings and provides methodological tools.