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Partnership for Belarusian Non-Governmental Sector, 2013


People in Need

In 2013, PIN introduced a new approach of combining creative component and traditional activism means aimed at solving socially important problems and attracting wider public to these issues more efficiently. The main component of the project was a series of two workshops on public campaigning, where both Belarusian activists and creative people worked together on elaboration of effective public campaigns. The results of the trainings were positive, the participants gained new knowledge and worked out new public campaigns, which embraced creative elements (logos, slogans, call to actions, videos, animations, web-sites, designs of T-shirts, bags, etc.). The campaigns the participants worked on throughout the workshop program were focused on the following topics: human rights, students’ rights, LGBT, environment protection, activation of youth, art activism, patriotic education, popularization of Belarusian language and culture.

As a next step the participants got a chance to get funding for implementation of their campaigns, thus, the best 7 campaigns were supported by PIN. During the implementation period PIN coordinator kept in touch with the supported activists and creatives in order to provide them with any necessary consultation or advice. The most active creative people were invited for a study visit to Prague, where they learned more about Czech experience in using creative approach in public campaigning, street actions and in the work of NGOs in the broader sense. Two Belarusian activists came to Prague for an internship and elaborated their project/campaign ideas with the assistance of PIN coordinator and members of other Czech NGOs working on the same topics. As a result one campaign elaborated was very successful in Belarus, the other one was unfortunately not implemented at the end.            

PIN continued to provide assistance to political prisoners and their families, as well as to raise awareness of Czech and international public about the current problems in Belarus.