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Support of civil society, humanitarian aid to politically persecuted persons, transfer of transformational experience and audiovisual education of human rights in Belarus


People in Need, 2008

Amount of financial assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs1 500 000, - CZK

Belarusian regime continues to press on the members of opposition democratic forces, independent NGOs, trade unions and media outlets. Major aim of this project was to provide direct humanitarian aid to persecuted persons (in total, aid was delivered to 45 persons), as well as to provide financial support to non-governmental organizations(19 organizations and initiatives were supported through small sub-grants). Due to current situation, one of the major aims of the project was to strengthen and increase international awareness of the persecutions carried out by the Belarusian government. PIN established a regular monthly information service that provides an overview of events in Belarus distributed via emails on more than 430 addresses. With the aim to provide information about Czech transition experience to Belarusian activists, PIN carried out a study trip to the Czech Republic for eight activists and NGO specialists. While PIN realizes that it is crucial to show and increase awareness of the persecution, human rights values and the importance of direct community involvement and active citizenship in Belarus. PIN provided our Belarusian partners with 11 translated and sub-titled documentary films and supported organizing of screenings and debates in Belarus cities.