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It's Time for Europe


NGO Slovo 21, 2010

Realization:   NGO Slovo 21, Prague

Partner: Rroma Informative Center, Sarajevo

Subvention from Czech MFA: 1 400 000,-Kč

  The aim of the project was capacity building and empowerment of the position of the B&H non-governmental sector, which activities are focused on the work with Rroma community. There were five activities in the project: Conference ”I Have Right on Human Rights” (Sarajevo, April 2010), Seminar “Capacity Building and Empowerment of the Position of B&H Rroma NGOs”,(Jahorina, June 2010) Study Visit to the Czech Republic (October 2010) and Financial Support to Selected B&H NGOs (November 2010).

At the conference participants had an opportunity to learn about experience and good practice in implementation of various governmental programs and non-governmental projects, which contribute to increasing of the position of Rroma communities in both countries.  At the seminar participants passed four days intensive training in different topics related to capacity building and empowerment of the position of Rroma NGOs. During the study visit B&H Rroma NGO representatives had a possibility to meet their Czech counterparts and other stakeholders whose experience could be useful for their work. Direct financial support was given to five Rroma organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representatives of 22 B&H Rroma NGOs and seven Czech NGOs participated in the project, as well as representatives of B&H and Czech governmental authorities, international institutions, organizations and foundations.