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FAMU projects 2013



FAMU in cooperation with the Ministry develops its activities in Burma since 2005. During the whole time working mainly in Rangoon have gone through our workshops dozens of local young people, independent artists and people active in the public sphere .

The most obvious result of our activity is also emerging young film scene´s Wathann Film Festival, whose attendance in 2013 reached 2,600 spectators. Festival´s dedicated Facebookpage ( ) and the web ( ) include documentation of all years of the festival so far realized his present life .

After contribution to localization and development of the Ubuntu operating system in previous years, we focused for missing publications.

Two books of FAMU members considering screenwriting and development from two completely different perspectives has been published: Pavel Jech and Mary Angiolillo : The Seven Minute Screenplay (issued in bilingual Burmese and English ) and Jan Fleischer: Of Scritps of Life.

Part of our initiative was creation of  "Myanmar Filmmakers Network" (in 2013 about 2,500 members), through which the knowledge can be spread and organized.

FAMU prepared Memorandum on Mutual Co-operation and understanding with Yangon University of Arts and Culture, which is in the process.

Realized workshops (Rangoon, Mandalay) as well as building technical background allows other independent activities in the audiovisual field.

The most talented young people have studied or are studying through scholarship aid directly in Prague at FAMU – at the international department of FAMU International program "Cinema and Digital Media" and five of them gradually earn a bachelor's or master's degrees .

The "Burmese projects FAMU 2013 ", which was implemented by the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU ) , acquired in 2013 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Trasition program support in the amount of 1,134,707 CZK

MFA also supported 2 film microgrants „Reconciliation“ and „Civilization and Nature” which follow long term activities of Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) in Myanmar through enhancement of project element within workshops, which has been more process oriented. Young Burmese has been motivated creatively reflect themes of „Reconciliation“and „Civilization and Nature“ and to make short films. The output has been released within third edition of Wathann Film Festival in Yangon in September 2013.

The project was realized thanks to the financial support in the amount of 85,600 CZK provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.