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Indian Base for the Transformation of Burma, 2011


Burma Center Prague

This project responds to the lack of efficient and coordinated activities in India for democracy in Burma, to the dramatic situation of Burmese refugees living in India, and to the famine in Burma's Chin state. The important position of India as a partner of the Burmese regime and as the world's largest democracy led to the conclusion that support should be facilitated also from Burma's Western side. Furthermore, awarenessraising in the Czech Republic and Europe about these issues needs to be intensified.

Outputs of Activities Implemented in 2011

  • Support of civil society structures in India
  • Provision of capacity-building training for activist and future Burma leaders in India.
    - training provided to 51 members of Burmese NGOs and 7 exile journalists
    - 5 reports shown in Czech media
  • Support of local initiatives and strengthening the capacity of the civi society sector in Western Burma and on the Indo-Burmese border
    - 3 recipients received amounts ranging from 17,000 to 45,000 INR
  • Cooperation with other NGOs and media organizations in India and ASEAN states, a prerequisite for the participation of Burmese NGOs in local, European, and Asian networks
    - 750 copies of publication, of which 177 were distributed by mail
  • Establishing contacts and a distribution channel, and creating of a fair trade shop with Burmeseproducts, as a means of supporting and helping the local community, refugees, and activists. - 152 fair trade items sold at a value of 12,050 CZK.
  • Establishing the conditions and mechanisms for targeted humanitarian and development assistance, for the Chin state which is affected by a famine.
    - a total of 87,757.94 CZK was raised from January to December 2011

Amount of Support from Czech MFA for 2011: 1,237,000.- CZK