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Indian Base for the Transformation of Burma II, 2013


Burma Center Prague

This project works to strengthen the efficiency and coordination of activities in India aimed towards the democratic transition in Burma; and to address the dramatic situation of Burmese refugees living in India. The important position of India as a partner of the Burmese regime and as the world's largest democracy led to the conclusion that support should be facilitated also from Burma's Western side. As the situation in Burma evolves, some activities of this project shift to reach out directly to the civil society inside the country.  The project harnesses the potential of information technologies to facilitate new ways of communication among activists inside Burma and abroad. It also draws attention to responsible tourism as a tool for supporting successful transition. 

Outputs of Activities Implemented in 2013

•          Supported Burmese civil society structures in India and in Burma

•          Provided capacity-building training for Burmese activists and future leaders currently living in India a for CSO representatives in Burma

o   training provided for 43 members of Burmese NGOs in India and in Burma

o   computer training offered to 89 Burmese refugees in India

•          Shared transitional experiences among Czech and Burmese journalists, provided capacity building workshops for Burmese journalists

o   24 Burmese journalists benefited from workshops

•          Operated one computer lab in Delhi with access to internet for use of the Burmese community

•          Supported local initiatives and strengthened the capacity of the civil society sector in Delhi, on the Indo-Burmese border and in Burma

o   20 grassroots organizations received microgrants ranging from 4,500CZK do 16,000CZK

•          Developed a software platform including a website and a mobile application

•          Facilitated an awareness raising campaign about responsible tourism targeting Czech and international travelers as well as Burmese activists

Amount of Support from Czech MFA for 2012: 1,773,034.- CZK