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Indian Base for the Transformation of Burma, 2010


Burma Center Prague, o.p.s.., 2010

This project responds to the lack of efficient and coordinated activities in India for democracy in
Burma, to the dramatic situation of Burmese refugees living in India, and to the famine in Burma's Chin state.
The important position of India as a partner of the Burmese regime and as the world's largest democracy led to
the conclusion that support should be facilitated also from Burma's Western side. Furthermore, awarenessraising
in the Czech Republic and Europe about these issues needs to be intensified.

Activities Implemented in 2010

  • Continued support of the partner organization Burma Centre Delhi (BCD) by funding their project coordination activities in India; knowledge transfer to BCD and connecting it with local organizations and journalists
  • Support of Burmese exile media:
    • identification of Burmese exile media in Delhi and Northeast India
    • selection of Czech journalists and connecting them in Delhi to Mizzima News and correspondents from Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) and The Irrawaddy
    • mutual media mentorship at Mizzima; together with staff produced programs for radio, TV, print and online media
    • training session for staff of Mizzima by Czech journalists and in particular transfer of knowledge from the transition period and on managing an media outlet
    • media workshop for Burmese, Czech, and Indian media with a focus on elections in Burma and situation of Burmese refugees in India; welcome note by the Czech Ambassador
  • Migro-grant scheme:
    • identifying candidates among NGOs and grassroots groups that support Burmese refugees or activists or that provide aid to people in Burma
    • setting up rules for application and selecting grantees; drafting grant contracts; conceiving rules of implementation, reporting and monitoring
    • designing a bilingual website to promote the supported projects and facilitate per-project donations by individuals with real-time feedback on the amount of donations accrued
    • calling for applications and assisting applicants with their application
    • selecting grantees according to formal and content-related criteria: relevance of the proposed project for the aims of the program; target groups' needs; reasonable expenses; and the applicant's capacity for implementation; selection by BCP based on BCD's recommendations in two phases by a scoring system and final discussion
    • intermediate monitoring during the trip to India, final monitoring and accounting
    • advertising on Facebook to find new donors
    • evaluation and formulation of recommendations for possible further cycles of implementation
  • Fair trade shop:
    • portfolio extended by further products, ongoing sales
  • Fundraising for famine relief:
    • advertising during events, on Facebook and in BCP campaign video
    • meeting with Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) in Delhi
  • 2010 elections
    • main focus on the elections during the media workshop
  • Other: meeting with the Czech Ambassador for discussion of present activities and possible extension in Northeast India; providing detailed expert advice for the Czech MFA's own famine relief activities; providing expert advice for the Ambassador's trip to Mizoram


  • Micro-grants: 19 grantees received amounts from 9,000 to 15,500 CZK; 57,500 CZK donated by individuals
  • Fundraising: 207,524.43 CZK collected; 224,695.98 CZK transferred to CHRO (including balance from collection in 2009); cross-border aid provided to 1,630 persons in 11 villages in Burma's Chin State
  • Fair trade: 238 products sold, for revenue of 17,410 CZK
  • Support of exile media: Three Czech journalists stayed 10 days in Delhi; donation by Finnair and Best Western Hotels facilitated the participation of a third journalist; number of reports produced: TV - 4, radio - 6, print - 2, online - 2; blog posts written during the trip - 16; media workshop with 50 attendees

Amount of Support from Czech MFA for 2010: 1,399,956 CZK

Packing rice for distribution

Media workshop and press conference