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Kayin Fellowship Program: Strengthening community capacities and civil society, 2010


ADRA o.s., 2010

Place of implementation: Kayin state, Myanmar

Duration: June 1st, 2010 –  December 31st, 2011

MFA Grant (actual spending): 1,502,002 CZK

As far as ethnic, religious and language groups are concerned, Myanmar is a very diverse country. Social diversity, however, makes it harder to reach a political consensus and impedes peaceful coexistence between various social groups. Despite the democratic constitution, interests are often pushed through by force and acts of exclusion instead of political agreement granted by the constitution.

As we believe that the existence of a group of young people from all social groups (including expelled groups that have limited knowledge of means of political participation) and local non-governmental non-profit organizations is essential for the development of civil society and representative environment, we try to: (1) train and educate young prospective leaders that will become a driving force in a peace process across communities, (2) mobilize communities by implementing development needs communally (communal work eliminates possible conflicts) and (3) establish networks and forums that provide opportunity to understand others, gain trust and establish links to broader social and development processes.