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Assistance to Independent Civil Society in Cuba


People in Need, 2007

The Secretariat of International Committee for Democracy in Cuba / Bulletin “Cuba-Europe Dialogues”

The project’s main goals follow those committed to by the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC): to promote activities to support Cuban prisoners of conscience and their families; to provide various forms of support to independent civil society activists; to coordinate organizations, institutions and respected personalities that have expressed solidarity with democracy in Cuba and; to raise international awareness of the real situation in Cuba to politicians and decision makers in order to get them to reconsider current policies on Cuba and to modify them based on the evidence and on the experience from other totalitarian regimes and transitions to democracy.

The project’s activities were divided into two main parts: providing direct support in Cuba and maintaining the project’s goals outside Cuba (advocacy).

The implemented activities under this project were:

Direct support of Cuban democratic opposition and independent civil society in Cuba

People in Need continued to provide direct support in Cuba for political prisoners, political prisoners’ families, members of the democratic opposition and other civil society activists.

International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) secretariat agenda

The ICDC’s secretariat, as a part of People in Need’s Human Rights Department, assured the administration of the ICDC’s agenda, maintained regular communication with ICDC members from several countries and coordinated all of the ICDC’s activities.

ICDC summit in Berlin

In April 2007, the ICDC’s secretariat organized an international conference entitled "Democracy in Cuba: Seeking Common Initiatives" that brought together major stakeholders and policy makers from the European Union and other European institutions to discuss the EU’s position towards Cuba.  In addition, a Europe-Cuba Network coordination meeting was held as part of the conferences activities.

The “Cuba-Europe Dialogues” Bulletin

People in Need continued publishing the “Cuba-Europe Dialogues” bulletin to enhance analyses, information and public discourse around Cuba’s and Europe’s relationship.

Cuban dissident in Prague

As a jury member of PIN documentary film festival “One World,” Ramon Colas, a Cuban political ex-prisoner, was invited to Prague and participated in several other meetings and discussions during his stay here.

Symbolic Cuban prison in Prague

In March 2007, PIN organized a symbolic jail cell on Wenceslas Square in Prague to mark the fourth anniversary of the imprisonment of the 75 Cuban prisoners of conscience.