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Support of civil society in Cuba, 2011


People in Need, PIN

The PIN was realizing the project through fulfillment of five main aims:

  1. Developing viable, informed and qualified independent civil organizations, independent journalist networks and pro-democracy groups in Cuba.
  2. Improving living conditions of political prisoners held in Cuban prisons and their families.
  3. Raising awareness of the real situation in Cuba among lay public and experts, political representatives and media on national and European level.
  4. Advocating in order to influence the policy-making process of the EU as such and EU member states towards the Cuban regime.
  5. Strengthening the role and position of the Europe – Cuba NGO Network.

The activities designed to achieve the above mentioned aims have been carried out by People in Need directly in Cuba, as well as in the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Providing direct support to independent civil society and independent journalists as well as humanitarian aid to families of political prisoners in Cuba

The help on the ground is directed to three principal groups. Groups of independent civil society and independent journalists were provided with professional and practical training in form of seminars and workshops. Another important part of assistance consists in material and financial support by the PIN. PIN continued, in a bit limited extent, with activities leading to improvement of living conditions of the political prisoners´ families via humanitarian aid.

Activities raising public awareness of the state of human rights in Cuba on Czech and European level

People in Need kept publishing an information bulletin in English and Spanish with articles directly from Cuba called Cuba–Europe Dialoguesand continued to administer website, which is a source of information about Cuba in English language. The aim of spreading information on Cuba is also achieved by sending outline of important news on Cuba to ICDC contacts.

One of the major public awareness raising activities in the Czech Republic reaching out to the regions is a yearly public event commemorating the anniversary of Cuba’s Black Spring, pointing at poor human rights record in Cuba.

Europe – Cuba NGO Network

People in Need is one of the founding members of a non-governmental organizations´ network focusing on human rights situation in Cuba called Europe–Cuba NGO Network. Two regular meetings of the members were held in 2011 and the Network released two joint statements on the EU policy towards Cuba.

The amount received from the MFA: 1.515.000,00 Kč