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Pilot project to support civic participation in South Ossetia by transferring Czech transformational experience, 2014



The project broadened a scale of NESEHNUTÍ’s activities aimed at supporting civic initiatives and non-governmental organizations in South Caucasus to South Ossetia. Civic sector in South Ossetia contends with consequences of armed conflict in 2008 and problematic international status and isolation of the territory, as well as limited possibilities of personal exchange of experience and information because of administrative hindrances to enter the territory or for South Ossetia inhabitants to travel to the EU countries.

The project was aimed at improving skills of NGO representatives and presentation of best practice examples of non-profit subjects from post-Soviet area and Czech Republic and other Visegrad countries. Twenty representatives of local civic initiatives participated in “South School of Human Rights and Civic Activism” in Vladikavkaz. Five chosen projects were supported by financial support and advisory. The projects were aimed at removal of illegal landfills, protection of cultural monuments, environmental education, mapping of non-profit sector in South Ossetia and providing assistance to people affected by Georgian-Ossetian conflict on both sides.

As a part of the project, Forum of NGOs of South Ossetia took place. Conditions of NGOs in South Ossetia and attitude of local authorities towards independent civic initiatives were discussed. This pilot project created a good base for development of activities and further support of authentic civic initiatives in 2014 and 2015.

The project was supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic with 1.700.000 CZK.