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Supporting civic participation and independent journalism in Georgia by sharing transformational experience of Czech NGOs and media II., 2013



Activities and results: Within the project, two three-day workshops of transformational cooperation were held in Kutaisi and Sukhum/i. Experts shared their experiences in civic participation, leading civic campaigns, working with new media, anti-corruption activities, international advocacy and working with prejudices and stereotypes with 47 local representatives of Georgian and Abkhazian NGOs and independent media.

To increase public knowledge about possibilities of getting involved in public matters, evening screenings of documentary films with human-rights topic were performed. Documentaries and discussions concerned environmental issues, protection of human rights in third world countries or topic of prejudices and racism.

From micro-project proposals submitted by the participants of the workshops, 3 projects in Georgia and 3 projects in Abkhazia were chosen to be supported by 1400 EUR and continuous advisory, providing information and contacts. Projects in Georgia were related to raising awareness about domestic violence by forum theatre performances, excessive use of pesticides in agriculture and handling of municipal waste in Akhaltsikhe. In Abkhazia, it was a public campaign related to car accidents and two environmentally oriented projects – one aimed at protection of green vegetation in Sukhum/i, another one at cycling as an environmentally friendly means of transport.

Coordinators of the small projects were chosen to take part in ten days long internship in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, where they could get to know work of various NGOs (environmental, social, human-rights), media (Czech TV, Radio Liberty etc.), meet various civic activists, visit public defender’s office and participate in all-day thematic field trip and cultural program.

Two organizations were supported each by a grant of 3.000 EUR in 2013: a project of Abkhazian journalists to improve free access to information and a project in Kutaisi concerning regulation of casinos, gambling clubs and betting offices. Also in Kutaisi, a strategic planning of the campaign was organized in January; five participants from the local initiative group took part in it and with the assistance of external facilitator, they created a strategic plan of activities. It helped the organization to work on a wide-spread problem of underage gambling systematically and with a clear aim at a concrete target.

Additionally, the support of some of the aforementioned initiatives was increased, and also other two new promising initiatives were supported by 400 EUR: an LGBT organization conducting a public debate about minorities’ rights in Tbilisi and 400 EUR to a women’s rights organization in Abkhazian city of Gal/i for a campaign against gender violence.

An internet communication platform was created in a form of a Facebook group, where there are 83 active participants – representatives of civic initiatives from the countries of the South Caucasus.

More information about the project and other activities of NESEHNUTI in the Caucasus can be found at (in English at, also on NESEHNUTI’s web blog, social networks Facebook and Twitter, and magazine PRES (covering topics of migration and human rights). Project activities were also presented on several public debates and additionally, issuing monthly digest of news from South Caucasus for Czech public continued.

Amount of financial support of the MFA of the Czech Republic in 2013: 2.000.000 CZK.