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Youth Active Involvement in Community – Support of Civil Sociaty Development, 2013


People in Need

People in Need has been implementing civil society development projects since 2008,  in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affaires of Georgia and other partner organizations,  promoting civic activism and cooperation with local administrations. The main aim of the project is to support citizens’, particularly youth participation, in decision making and the establishment and the actual implementation of citizens' initiatives on a local level in the Imereti region of Georgia

The project gives youth and NGOs the opportunity to put their initiative into action, thus increasing social standards.  In the framework of youth initiatives, young people have to deal with issues such as drug abuse, human rights, environment protection, integration of vulnerable people into society and popularization of informal education.

Local NGOs supported by small grants are given the opportunity for the organizational development and skill building on the topics of strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, public relations, and advocacy. The increased development of NGO support to promote the development of civil society has insured the increased involvement of young people and given their representatives of civil initiatives support ensuring their participation in the region's public life.

Working and cooperating with local authorities is a primary goal of  PIN. Based on their needs assessment, public officials are trained in strategic planning and/or budgeting and implementation of a youth policy. Intensive work with local authorities and the appropriate training topics help them to have a  better understanding of youth related issues, the importance of youth policy and the support of youth initiatives, which is expressed by their financial contributions (co-funding of the youth initiatives), logistic or administrative support.

Joint camps on active citizenship for public figures and youth were promoting direct dialogue and discussion on important issues of municipality.  As the concrete follow up, National Youth Policy Action Plans were developed and officially approved by local Councils in Terjola, Tkibuli and Samtredia municipalities. These Action Plans were then worked out by active participation of the young people and the whole community.