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Cooperation between NGOs and Local Public Administration – an important factor for a regional development of the South of Moldova


Caritas Czech Republic, 2009

Projects activities:

  • Launch the project - introduction of the project goal, its activities and expected outputs
  • Round Tables within the topic „The effectiveness of the cooperation between non - governmental organization and local public administration". Main aim of the session was to discuss the current situation of NGOs in the region, the necessity of the cooperation between communitive representatives and the advantage of such partnership.
  • Regional NGOs Forum where the representatives of NGOs Pro-Europa Center and CONTACT Center as well as representatives of the mayor and the Council of Cahul, were present. The topic of the forum was to search the tools of cooperation between public administration and NGOs in the Cahul region.
  • Elaboration of Promotional materials (brochures, posters, guide). There was developed a Guide of the right cooperation between non - governmental sector and public administration.
  • Training of Trainers for politic young activists - 2 days training for the active young representatives was divided into two parts:
    • 1. Youth leadership
    • 2. Project proposal writing
  • Sighing a partnership agreement with LPA for internship for Youth leaders
  • Project evaluation - evaluation of the achieved results and future plans

Achieved results:

  • To improve conditions of collaboration between NGOs and LPA
  • To inform community about NGOs activities in the region
  • Youth Leaders trained and capable to act on the local level

Financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic: 1 086 558,96 CZK

Moldavsko - Kulatý stůl

Round table

Školení školitelů politicky aktivní mládeže "Leadership Programme"

Training of trainers of a politically active youth „Leadership program“

Thematic evening, Czech Republic

Final evaluation of the project