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Capacity Empowerment of Local Municipalities in Pomoravlje circle 1st phase


Hradec Králové Region, 2007

Partners: Centre for European Projects Development, Regional Economic Development Agency Šumadija and Pomoravlje

Budget: 433 196,54 CZK (financial support from MFA: 293 458,31 CZK, own resources: 139 738,23 CZK)

Serbia is the country, where the Process of Regionalization still has not been finished. Apparently this country is strongly centralized, through its Government and the number of Ministries. Self-governing units called ‘Opštiny’ (Municipal Territories), Cities (Urban Areas), and Settled Territories are basic Public Entities in Regions. These Public Entities are able to influence local development only in limited aspect. So called ‘Circles’, which have been established by Serbian Government on 29th January 1992, can provide some competencies of Ministries outside theirs Domiciles. This model can be perceived as an extended hand of Ministries on Regional level.

Project was focused on cooperation with Central and Southeast Europe. The aim of the project was to support traditional cooperation and partnership between the Czech Republic and Serbia through transfer of knowledge and experiences through participation of Regional Development Agencies and local Municipalities.

First and third phase of this project was organized on the base of Needs Analysis and Suggestions of Serbian partners. Realization was provided by experts and was focused on sharing of good practices and training in areas of strategic planning, project management, financing of development process, development institutions, regional fund programming, economic feasibility study, EU budget form, financial monitoring, human resources development, management of municipalities, budget management, IT managment in local municipalities and, e – government.

Second part of this project was focused on sharing of good practices in the Czech republic, presentation of self governing units – territories, bunches of micro regions municipalities, CzechInvest, Eurocentre. Presentation of theirs activities, cooperation, financial sources of projects from national and also European resources - examples of successful projects, system of cooperation Public Entity with Regional Development Agencies and possibility of partnership in the aspect of EU programs.


  • On the basement of the workshops and presentations provided by Czech experts were analysed needs of Serbian partners
  • Cooperation building
  • Transfer and exchange experiences
  • Analysis of potential future cooperation
  • Building cooperation between the Czech Republic and Republic Serbia
  • Human resources development in municipalities

Impact of this Project

  • Strengthening role of municipalities in regions
  • Engagement of municipalities into projects realization with the support of agencies
  • Empowerment of public and private sectors in regions
  • Cooperation establishment with Serbian municipalities
  • Close cooperation between the Czech Republic and Republic Serbia