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Strong Anti-corruption Watch-dog in Ukraine II, 2011


Transparency International – Czech Republic

The aim of the project was to encourage the development of the organization TOROwhich is in the process of full accreditation to the branch ("chapter") Transparency International. The second aim was to support independent media, which understand the issue of corruption, investigate the corruption cases and influence public opinion against corruption. The project included the support of the critically-constructive relations between state authorities responsible for combating corruption and non-governmental sector. These objectives were implemented through seminars held in Ukraine, study visits in the CR and online consultations.

The basis of the project was to support the development of non-governmental organization TORO. By working with TIC TORO joined to its most significant stepin 2011 - establishment of a "Partnership for the integrity of public procurement in Ukraine" in March 2011. Partnership,which is supported by participation of representatives of TIC at its meetings,contributed significantly to the establishment of TORO at the position of the governmental anti-corruption operators in Ukraine. To the domestic presentation of TORO also contribute to a joint press conferenceTIC (April 2011 to National Integrity Study).

The most significant events that took place in the framework of cooperation TIC and TORO and contributed to the development of partner organizations and cultivating social spawn anti-corruption in Ukraine include:

  • PerformanceTORO representative at the film festival One World Human Rights in Prague in March 2011 on the occasion of the film "The Other Chelsea"on the situation in eastern Ukraine;
  • Seminar on "Civic Council"
  • Seminar for NGOsworking with the Ukrainian partner in a civil alliance"For the integrity of public procurement in Ukraine" on the topic of Openness index of public procurement
  • Discussions with the staff of NGOs cooperating with the TORO in Lviv

The second goal of the project was methodical and professional support of an independent anti-corruption journalismin Ukraine, in 2011 focused mainly on the monitoring of public procurement.Actions implemented under the project significantly contributed to the creation of group of journalists dealing with public procurement. Following the seminar for journalists on public procurement, implemented the project in November 2010, study tour of Ukrainian journalists to the CR with rich and  intensive program took place in December 2011. During the tour, Ukrainian journalists had an opportunity to discuss corruption issues among others with Daniela Drtinova from the CT and Ondřej Kundra from the Respect magazine.

The project was implemented through two missions of TIC to Ukraine (Kievand Lvov), two study tours of Ukrainian partners in the Czech Republic,meeting of management of TIC and TORO in Romania on the occasion of the regional meeting of Transparency International and ongoing e-mail and telephone communication.

Financial contribution of MZV: 879.998,85  CZK