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Strong Anti-corruption Watch-dog in Ukraine II, 2012


Transparency International – Czech Republic

Partner organization:    Non-governmental organization TORO

Financial contribution of MFA: 726.300 CZK

The project was conceived asa two-year project for the years 2011and 2012. Already in 2011, the activities focused mainly on monitoring of public procurement.For 2012, the project activities were focusedexclusively on this area. The project thereforefocused on supporting and promoting of e-government as a tool for increasing transparency and reducing corruption and the application of modern methods of public procurement monitoringin Ukraine.

The activities that aimed at promoting the use of ICT in the public administration and civil society, and importance of developing e-Government as a tool fortransparent public administration took placeduring the conference "Information society and state power", which was held in April 2012 in Kirovograd. The aim of the conferencewas to encouragecomputerization of Ukrainian public administration as a tool of enhancing its transparency.A representative of the Transparency International took part at the conference. His contribution was dedicated to promotion of useof electronic tools to increase transparency of public procurement and creation offoreground for the introduction of “Minimum Standards for Transparent Public procurement in Ukrainian municipalities”.

Afterwards, activities aimed at afulfillment of the second plan will implement monitoring transparency of public procurement, which would be similar to that which takes place in the Czech Republic.  After identification of relevant experts, collection of necessary legal documents andclose consultations, a document “Minimum Standards for Transparent Public procurement in Ukrainian municipalities”was published at the end of 2012 as the main outcome of the project. It is also a startingpoint for activities in 2013, which will aim to introduce these minimum standards into practice.


Minimální standardy pro veřejné zakázky v obcích 2 MB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Aug 29, 2013