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Support of the Civil Society Development in Selected Regions of Crimea, 2011


People in Need, PIN

The PIN project focused on capacity-building of grassroots non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and initiative groups (IGs) as well as activation of high-school students in remote and economically under-developed regions in Crimea. The overall aim of the project was to strengthen the impact of the civil society in the western, northern and eastern regions where such initiatives were scarcely supported by the state or international donors. PIN and its local partner in Crimea – the Centre for Regional Development “Top Kaya” – helped build up a network of active NGOs and IGs which are now able to independently implement their own projects and to developer themselves. Such development of the civil society in regions is one of the crucial conditions for consolidation of the local communities and for forming of alternatives solutions to the social problems.

PIN and Top Kaya fulfilled this goal through a series of activities: seminars for NGOs/IGs on capacity-building and seminars on activation for high-school students, management of a web portal, small sub grants for the trainees, financial and legal consultations for the NGOs/IGs, a study trip for Crimean NGOs´ representatives to the Czech Republic, a festival of HR documentary films in Crimea and establishment of a public HR documentary films collection. PIN finds the development of the partner organization a success story as it has become a leading Crimean consulting body for the third sector and the web site, which it manages, a valuable and fast-growing source of information. Top Kaya is currently able to work without any financial support from PIN.

Support from MFA: 1 776 300,- CZK