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Entry & Residence


Chapter "Entry & Residence" provides information about visa and residence permit applications - chose the topic in the left-side bar.

Contact to the Visa Department:

For information on long-term visa application status click here.

To schedule an appointment contact directly the embassy.


VISAS: Open/closed consulates, extent of visa services


Obligatory submission of document against introduction of infectious disease

Applicants for Schengen visas and long-term visas and residence permits for purposes of economic and education activities are required to submit document on fulfilling requirements against… more ►

UK citizens who study / work in CZ + applicants w/residence application pending

Citizens of the United Kingdom who before December 31, 2020: 1) applied for temporary or permanent residence, 2) studied at a university in the Czech Republic or 3) worked in the Czech Republic… more ►

Unmarried Couples

Foreign nationals who are in a permanent partnership with a CZ citizen or with another EU country citizen with temporary residence in CZ can enter under the following conditions. more ►

Visa Services and Hygienic Measures

All consulates of the Czech Republic provide visa services with the exception of those located in countries with extreme risk of Covid-19 transmission. more ►

Stay of Foreign Nationals after the End of State of Emergency


● All foreign nationals can stay in the Czech Republic for additional 60 days after the end of the state of emergency – that is until July 16, 2020. ● This option concerns all foreign… more ►

Airport Transit Visa

Lodge an airport transit visa application if you will transit through an international airport in the Czech Republic and if you are at the same time citizen or holder of travel documents of one… more ►


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of other (training) if you will undertake an on-site training to increase skills and qualification. more ►

Visiting family or friends

Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of visiting family or friends if you will visit family or friends based on an unofficial invitation. more ►


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of study when attending a language or other course, educational exchange, studies-related internship, academic training or other school or… more ►


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of sports when travelling for sports competition, game, championship or other sports-related activity. more ►


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the cultural purpose when travelling for artistic performance, participation in a festival, religious event or other culture-related activity. more ►


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of “business” or “official visit” when attending a conference. more ►


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of business when travelling for business meetings, negotiations, contract conclusion, trade fair attendance or other business-related reasons. more ►

Spa and Medical Treatment

Lodge a Schengen visa application for medical reasons when travelling for spa treatment, medical treatment, surgery or other health-related reasons. more ►

Harmonized List of Supporting Documents


Lodge a Schengen visa application for the purpose of tourism when travelling for individual or organized tourism. more ►

Visa centres (outsourcing)