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New visa application centre opened in Bengaluru (India)


The process for obtaining a short-term (schengen) travel visa to the Czech Republic for the citizens of India just became much easier.

The opening of the visa application center (VAC) in Bengaluru on June 6, 2016 means that applicants from Bengaluru in India no longer need to book a trip to New Delhi or Mumbai to obtain the necessary documents for a visit to the Czech republic/Schengen Europe. Up to this date the Czech republic welcomes all citizens of India already in 3 VAC: New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Notice: The VACs are set up solely to provide visa application administrative support and are optional to submit your application. The VAC has no decision making authority to issue or refuse a visa or a permit. VAC staff has no influence over the outcome of the application and should not be solicited for advice. All applications will be assessed by the officers of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi in accordance with the EU visa rules and guidelines. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by the immigration officers at the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Further information about the visa application centers in India are available on these channels: